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What is CareKeepr?

CareKeepr is an online job platform for healthcare professionals designed to help you easily find healthcare jobs that fit your specific needs and schedule.

How Does It Work?

Simply list your job preferences on brief form, such as what areas you would like to work in, your availability and desired pay. Hiring employers reach out to you with a personal messages and request to connect. If you’re interested, let the employer know with a click of a button. *Don’t worry, your name and contact details remain confidential unless you accept the employers request to connect. You may also visit our job board and 2-click apply to any available position.

How Do I Sign Up?

Create a quick, free profile online and that’s it. You'll then have access to post your Job Wanted Ad where you’ll get direct messages from employers for jobs that match your needs. You can also visit our Job board to see all open positions and 2-click apply.

Am I An Employee of CareKeepr?

No, as a Healthcare Professional signed up on the site, you are not an employee or an independent contractor of CareKeepr. You, as a Healthcare Professional on this site, are a job candidate who is actively seeking full-time, part-time and as-needed employment that fits your needs and schedule. Therefore, pay rates are at the discretion of the individual employer hiring you for the job.

How Much Does it Cost?

CareKeepr is completely Free to use. We don’t charge you any fees and we don’t take a cut of your earnings.

How Do I Update my Contact Information?

Just login and go to “My Profile” in the menu to update your information. You may update your contact information, address, availabilty and Resume (if provided.) And please update your profile as soon as your information changes so that employers are successful in reaching out to you. You don't want to miss out on those perfect job opportunities!

I Forgot The Password To My Account, What Do I Do?

Please go to the Login page on the website then click the “Forgot Password” link.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

We'd hate to see you go but we understand. Please login and under your profile picture or Avatar click “Delete Account.” And if you could, please contact us at to give feedback on your experience or any issues.

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